Are Hot Water Dispensers Better than Kettles?

For years, we’ve all advocated using kettles to make steaming hot cups of tea and coffee, but is there a better option? 

Hot water dispensers are the modern alternative to boiling water in office and commercial settings. They provide instant access to hot water and are cost-effective, saving time, which is ideal in working environments. 

So, while traditional kettles might still be favoured by many, is it time to make the switch to an instant hot water dispenser? Here, we weigh out the pros and cons, weigh out the benefits of both for your needs and decide whether or not hot water dispensers are better than kettles. 

How hot water dispensers work 

Relatively simple hot water dispensers are typically either plumbed in or plugged in. They give you instant access to boiling water without the need to wait for it to boil. Simply pour the water into your cup and you’re ready to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. 

The benefits of an electric kettle 

An electric kettle is a staple item in many kitchen areas, and it’s unusual if there isn’t a device for boiling water in this room. They’re easy to use and typically are rather conspicuous, which is ideal for small kitchenette spaces. 

What’s more, they’re portable, so they can easily be moved around if needed. 

However, they’re not particularly energy efficient, especially if you’re boiling full kettles regularly for multiple people. Plus, it can take a while to boil a full kettle of water, so time needs to be taken into account when considering the downsides of a traditional electric kettle. 

The benefits of a hot water dispenser

Hot water dispensers are a modern alternative to a kettle, and here are the benefits of having one installed: 

Instant hot water 

The biggest benefit of a hot water dispenser is instant access to hot water. There’s no time spent waiting for the water to boil, simply pour and go with a hot water dispenser. 

Ease of use 

Hot water dispensers are incredibly convenient to use, with a simple pull of a lever you can use the boiled water in several ways. 

Energy efficient 

Typically, a hot water dispenser is more energy efficient than traditional methods of heating water, such as a kettle or using a pan on the hob. What’s more, it has an insulated design that minimises heat loss. 

Are hot water dispensers more efficient than a kettle? 

The question of which is more efficient, a hot water dispenser or a kettle, all comes down to usage. 

It costs less to keep a water dispenser hot than it does to refill and boil a kettle time and time again. This is because kettles use a large amount of energy for a short period, whereas a hot water dispenser uses less electricity over a longer period. 

So, if you boil kettles numerous times a day, a hot water dispenser will probably save you money on running costs. 

Functionality and convenience

A huge plus for hot water dispensers is their functionality and convenience factor. The water is constantly kept at a temperature that allows for quick and convenient usage at any time of the day, whereas a traditional kettle takes a considerable amount of time to boil a large amount of water. In work environments, it’s ideal to have staff who are hydrated throughout the day and allow them access to instant boiled water for their tea, coffee, and sometimes food products to ensure a happy workforce. 

Water quality 

Another consideration to make in the debate of hot water dispensers versus kettles is the levels of water hardness in your area. 

Limescale build-up can be a problem if you live in a location with hard water. It can impact how your drinks taste, and over time, it can damage the efficiency and longevity of the kettle. 

However, a water boiler can be specially filtered and serviced to help avoid these problems. 


Whilst a hot water dispenser will cost more upfront than a kettle, if you’re using it frequently, a kettle will likely cost more to run. Also, a hot water dispenser will need replacing less frequently than a kettle. 

Space and aesthetic 

Kettles have certainly evolved over the years, and there are more options than ever before when it comes to design, but few compete with the sleek appearance of a hot water dispenser. Installing a dispenser can create a more modern-looking space. Plus, it saves on counter space, which is ideal for smaller kitchen areas. 

Are hot water dispensers better than kettles? 

So, is a hot water dispenser a better option than a kettle? Well, truthfully, it all depends on how much you’ll be using it. Hot water dispensers are most definitely the better option in terms of efficiency, convenience, and cost for high-traffic workplaces. 

If you boil large amounts of water every day, then a hot water dispenser could be the answer to cutting down on your energy bill. What’s more, they’re easy to use, ensure you have hot water readily available and boast several safety features. 

But if you boil the kettle only a few times a day, it’s probably best to stick to a traditional kettle.