Hot Water Dispensers & Water Boilers

Cool Water Company doesn’t just specialise in water coolers; we are also one of the leading providers of hot water dispensers in the United Kingdom. We understand, particularly in the wintertime, that a cool drink of water may not be what you want. Homes and offices may instead want instant access to hot water for a warm cup of tea or coffee. If that is the case, our hot water dispensers & water boilers will be perfect for you.

The benefit of having such a product in your office is that you will not have to keep filling a kettle regularly if many people want a warm drink. You can instantly access a large amount of hot water whenever you like. Similarly, instead of having multiple kettles to accommodate everyone, you only need one large hot water boiler and there will be plenty to go around.

Marco Eco Boiler T5

Marco Eco Boiler T5

Removable Drip Tray
Robust Build Quality
Hot Water Switch
Marco Eco Boiler T5
Cool Water Company

Cool Water Company can supply a wide range of hot water dispensers from the UK’s leading manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a small boiler for an office kitchen or are catering for hundreds of people, we can provide a cost-effective solution to meet your needs. We are one of the most popular suppliers of water coolers in the United Kingdom, based in Merseyside and catering to towns and cities in the surrounding area.

We are able to install a hot water dispenser in your home or office within 48 hours of you making an inquiry to us. Every customer will be given a designated account manager who can handle all your questions, enquiries or problems with a product you may have from us. If there are any issues we endeavour to solve them at the earliest opportunity.


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Yes, we will install all hot water dispensers/ water boilers for free upon delivery!

Hot water dispensers offer instant hot water without the waiting around needed with a kettle. If you are in an office environment or have multiple users requiring hot water throughout the day, Hot water dispensers are much better than a standard kettle.

Yes! And much more energy efficient than kettles which lose heat through the container during the boiling process.

Hot water dispensers are safe to use however burn injuries can occur if you are careless with the hot water. We recommend simply placing your mug on the drip tray and operating and avoiding pouring hot water directly into containers with small openings such as baby bottles.