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What gym workout or relaxing spa day would be complete without a glass of cold, fresh water? Our Water Coolers provide a full range of filters and water coolers for leisure centres, gyms and spas across the UK, meaning your leisure centre can provide much-needed hydration to your customers for a low price and at very high quality.

Either operating off of pre-bottled filtered water or filtering from the mains supply, our water coolers always provide a pure source of drinking water, filtering their supply to a very high standard and cooling it as you pour. The end result is a glass of extremely pure, cool, refreshing water.

Our range of water coolers for leisure centres, gyms and spas is the perfect solution for your business as there will absolutely be a demand for cold drinking water there from your customers – and in these cases, a real need for the customer to hydrate between sets, after a swim or after spending some time unwinding in the sauna or hot rooms. A water cooler from Cool Water Company will allow them access to purer, more refreshing water than a simple tap or drinking fountain, and will be sure to boost their enjoyment of their time at the centre!

Leisure Centres

Water coolers for leisure centres could be of the bottled or mains variety, and could even include a hot-water boiler if you wanted to provide an area where customers can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. As many of them will be there to swim, the pure water provided by our coolers will help quench their thirst and protect them from dehydration caused by the exercise of swimming and the chlorine in the pool water itself. After spending some time in pool water, the refreshing taste of pure, filtered water will be exactly what they’re after.


In a gym, proper hydration is critically important. Your customers are there to work up a sweat, and without water, that can turn from “fun and healthy” to “downright dangerous” in no time at all. Fresh, cold, filtered water would be even better, and our mains-fed water coolers for gyms are specifically designed to handle heavy use. Providing an endless supply of water from the mains that is filtered within the machine, these coolers provide limitless cold, clean, refreshing water to your customers right when they need it most – coming in from treadmills or weights racks to quench their thirst and keep their strength up. Our water coolers for gyms are available with a variety of features. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 458 1029 nationwide.

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A spa is a place for your customers to unwind, forget about their cares and rejuvenate themselves, and the refreshing effect is only boosted by access to quality drinks. Good water coolers for spas may not be the biggest hitter in your spa’s arsenal, but when it comes to the difference between “good” and “great,” it really is the little things that count. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and refreshment of pure, cold water after a massage or a few minutes in the steam room, and it will improve the overall feel of completely carefree relaxation – even more so if you’ve got a hot water boiler for their tea or coffee!

Cool Water Company
Cool Water Company
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We supply both plumbed-in & bottled water coolers

Yes! All of our water coolers can handle heavy usage and are ideal for gyms, spas and leisure centres.

We currently offer a 6 month free trial! Get in touch with us on 0800 0353 449 to find out more!

We can install your water cooler free of charge upon delivery!

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We offer a personal service, with no call centres, so you are always guaranteed to speak to a member of our team.

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Coolwater Company Water Coolers work hard to maintain the highest standard of service levels.

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We’ll deliver and install your cooler free of charge, whether it’s bottled or plumbed in, our installation process is completely free.

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24 Hour Delivery

We will aim to have all our non-scheduled deliveries out within 24 hours.

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Regular Servicing

Filter check-ups and hygiene maintenance by our trained water technicians to keep your water cooler in perfect condition.

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Free Installation & Delivery

Absolutely no call centres. Call 08700 702 703 and speak to a trained member of staff.

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Unbeatable Value

Looking for a new water provider with better prices and service? Call or email us for a quote and see if we can beat your current price.

Cool Water Company
Cool Water Company
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Cool Water Company Cool Water Company

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Cool Water Company
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