5 Reasons to Switch to a Mains-fed Water Cooler Today

Mains-fed water coolers are the updated version of a much-loved water cooler, allowing you to enjoy clean and fresh drinking water at any time. 

Mains-fed water coolers are connected to a building’s water supply, so there’s no need to replace huge and heavy water bottles once they’ve been drained. 

If you’re still using a classic water cooler at home or in your business, here are the reasons why you should switch to a main-fed water cooler instead today. 

Revolutionise how you drink water on a daily basis with the installation of a mains-fed water cooler at home or in the workplace. 

1. Positively impact the environment 

By installing a mains-fed water cooler, you reduce the need for those huge plastic water bottles that are used on water coolers. This reduction in plastic contributes significantly to environmental sustainability efforts. 

Unlike traditional bottled coolers, a mains-fed system is plumbed directly into the water supply. This eliminates the need for plastic waste and helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the production of water bottles and even when recycling them. 

2. Unlimited water supply 

Installing a mains-fed water system ensures an unlimited supply of water. This ensures that hydration is always available without any risk of running out. 

Mains-fed coolers supply purified water through a special filtering process, ensuring that it is safe and pleasant to drink. 

Evidence suggests that being hydrated can improve your cognitive and mental performance, and it can also reduce the feelings of fatigue. This is ideal for a workplace environment to help employees keep their brains feeling fresh and revitalised. It’s great for helping to boost productivity overall. 

3. Save on space 

Mains-fed water coolers are a great way to save on valuable space, especially important in the home or in small offices. Not only do you have to worry about a larger space to sit the water cooler, but bottled water coolers typically have a larger footprint. But you don’t have to store bulky water bottles either. 

4. Cost-effectiveness 

Whilst installing a mains-fed water cooler may cost more initially, it’s a more economical option over time compared to bottled options. This is because you won’t need to continually buy water bottles to keep your water cooler functioning. After the initial set-up of a mains-fed water cooler, you have an unlimited supply of water. Of course, you’ll have a water bill to pay, but you have to pay that regardless of whether you have a water cooler or not. 

5. Hygiene and convenience 

Having a mains-fed cooler is often considered a more hygienic option as there is less handling required, compared with bottled-fed coolers. 

What’s more, as they’re directly connected to the mains, you don’t need to constantly order and change the heavy water bottles which is great for convenience and safety reasons too. 

Why you should buy a mains-fed water cooler 

Staying hydrated on a daily basis is important for optimal health and performance. By switching to a mains-fed water cooler, you’ll have an unlimited supply of fresh, clean drinking water to provide the ultimate boost for staying hydrated. 

Not only will it help keep you hydrated, but you’ll also benefit from environmental, economic, and practical benefits. Make the switch today for a sustainable and efficient hydration solution. Get in touch with us today, and we can guide you through the best options for mains-fed water coolers and schedule an installation.