Installation and Maintenance: Keeping Your Water Cooler in Top Condition

Water coolers are an ideal way to keep hydrated throughout the day, from offices to homes, and thankfully these handy stations are reliable and low maintenance. 

While they require little maintenance to function optimally, there are some tips you can follow to ensure that your water cooler works well for a long time. 

By adopting a routine care maintenance plan, you can significantly impact the longevity and performance of your water cooler. Here’s our guide to keeping your water cooler in top condition.  

Installation tips 

Choose the right location 

Before you start using your water cooler, you need to decide on its location. It’s important to place water coolers in suitable locations, and certain factors must be taken into consideration. Will your water cooler need to be plugged in? Ensure that it’s close to a power source without the need for extension leads. 

You’ll also want to ensure that your water cooler is not in direct sunlight, as this will warm the water. Over time, exposure to sunlight can fade or possibly even damage the water cooler. 

Place your water cooler on level ground, ideally against a wall, where it’s less likely to get knocked over. 

Professional installation 

Most water cooler suppliers will install your product for free, so it’s always a good idea to utilise these professional installation services, as you can guarantee that the unit is set up correctly. This is particularly important for mains-fed water coolers that require a connection to the builder’s water supply. 

Regular maintenance tips for a water cooler 

Follow these tips regularly to keep your water cooler in the best condition in between maintenance visits from your supplier. 

Exterior Cleaning 

Clean the exterior of the water cooler using an antibacterial product to keep it clean and free from bacteria. If the cooler is used frequently, keep a spray and cloth handy so you can easily wipe it down each day.

Internal sanitisation 

You must clean bottled water coolers regularly to prevent bacterial growth and ensure that the water you’re drinking remains pure. 

If your water cooler has a hot and cold tank, it’s vital that cleaning solutions don’t get in there. The water’s temperature will clean the internal side of the hot water tank. 

See below for how to clean your water cooler. 

Checking connections 

As part of routine maintenance of your water cooler, it’s advisable to check the pipes and connections on your water cooler to see if there are any leaks and guarantee that your connections are as they should be. 

Drip tray cleaning 

If your water cooler doesn’t have a self-cleaning drip tray, you’ll regularly need to remove, empty and clean it to prevent buildup and stop water from leaking from a too-full drip tray. 

Filter replacement

Maintain your water quality by changing your water cooler filter every six months. 

Professional servicing 

Schedule professional servicing for your water cooler to perform checks and maintenance to guarantee that it’s working efficiently and effectively. The professionals can carry out tests like pH testing for water fed through the mains to certify that the water is safe to drink. 

How to clean your water cooler 

If you’re unsure of how to clean your water cooler in between sanitisation visits from your supplier, then follow these simple steps. 

  1. Once your water bottle is empty, remove it from the cooler and unplug the device. 
  2. Drain any water left in the water cooler through the plug. 
  3. Remove the cooler lid and the baffle (it will either be a funnel or a disk) from the reservoir. 
  4. Mix one cup of vinegar with two litres of hot water. Soak a cloth in the solution, wipe the inside of the cooler, and wipe down the taps. 
  5. Pour the cleaning solution into the water cooler and use the taps to drain it. 
  6. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to rinse the reservoir around four times to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. 
  7. Put the baffle and lid back onto the cooler and insert a new bottle. Plug the cooler back into the mains, and you’re all set to go. 

Importance of regular servicing 

Regular servicing of your water cooler isn’t just about keeping the device working but also ensuring that it provides safe, clean drinking water to all who use it. 

Hygiene is extremely important, and if you have a water cooler that isn’t correctly or regularly cleaned and serviced it can lead to health issues for those who are drinking from it. 

If your water cooler isn’t serviced properly, it can result in an inefficient device. 

By regularly maintaining your water cooler, you can extend its life and ensure that it continues to provide high-quality, clean, and crisp drinking water for years to come.